Hauntings, Life After Death and Paranormal activity
Hauntings, Life After Death and Paranormal activity
asking angels for help

Asking Angels For Help

I overheard a conversation in the spiritualist church about current world events, a lady suggested asking angels for help. Now i know I’m a sceptic about paranormal activity but i was taken aback at the seriousness of the lady. I’m definitely not a person to ridicule or mock another persons beliefs, I’m a sceptic not a nasty person. However this kind of made me think.

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I didn’t realise angels were such a strong powerful force to give people strength. My ignorance towards this subject ashamed me to be honest, this lady relied on her guardian angel. I watched her as she was talking about it and i expected her to chuckle after she said it. She was absolute in everything she said, her belief that angels would help if asked was from the heart.

It’s not a subject that i truly understand, apparently we all have a guiding angel or guardian angel. However I’m not sure what form they take or where to look for guardian angel signs. My ignorance leads me to think that all angels have wings like you see in the movies. How do i find my angels? Where would i look and how can i communicate with my angels if i have them?

I’m certainly not being disrespectful, i have a genuine interest in finding out if they exist. Just like my quest for evidence of the paranormal, it’s something i have to see for myself. If angels do exist, can they help us now? Plus why aren’t they helping us now at this time of panic if they really exist? You can see why I’m sceptical however i am extremely open minded to their existence.

Asking Angels For Help – Conclusion

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As the Coronavirus has reached pandemic proportions, the most vulnerable and needy are being left to fend for themselves. As the lady at church suggested, It might be a good time to be asking angels  help, in what way? What way could the angels help? Plus if the angels existed and they were looking after us, why are they letting people suffer?

From what I’ve been told they can’t just interfere in our lives, they have to be asked for help. Apparently they can only help us if we specifically request their help and guidance. To be honest, how many people would actually do that without feeling a bit crazy. How many people actually believe in angels and would openly reach out? I’m guessing not many.

So in my conclusive thoughts i can respect other peoples beliefs and understand why they believe but I’m still sceptical. Maybe if i tried asking for help myself then i might be able to say more about it. However where would my actual proof come from? Would i see them? Would it be a result of something they do? Anyway time will tell whether I’m convinced but I’m definitely open minded.

Theres an interesting article HERE about guardian angels, worth a read!