Hauntings, Life After Death and Paranormal activity
Hauntings, Life After Death and Paranormal activity
evidence of the spirit world

Evidence Of The Spirit World

During This lock down we decided to look through photos that we believe is possibly evidence of the spirit world. We had took photos of our hotel room on our last visit to the Guy Fawkes Inn York. It was just in case we had missed something that we decided to have another look. We knew on examination of the photos one had an image of what looked like the figure of a man.  It was a photo of a mirror on the dressing table that we are fascinated with.

evidence of the spirit worldevidence of the spirit worldDid the spirits want us out of the room? Were they just coming to let us know that they were there? Did they realise that we’ve been having a lot of spiritual activity wherever we go and wanted to contact us? It felt like we were invading their space. Surely more things would have happened that night to make us want to leave. I remember thinking this is so scary but something had stopped us not wanting to leave the room.

You can clearly see a white figure standing beside the bed but that isn’t what intrigued us. If you look closer on the right there is a figure of what looks like a man, is it Guy Fawkes himself? It’s a small image, purple in colour and we believe it is him,  however why was it purple? There could be any amount of theories where this is concerned. However we believe it is because he died a long time ago.

Evidence Of The Spirit World – Summary

Being dead a long time doesn’t necessarily mean you come back purple, we think there’s more to it. It is suggested that purple is a possible sign of royalty or someone of higher standing and wealth. We’re not suggesting the image in our photo is royalty but the purple glow is something of intrigue. Also an article in the BBC suggests Guy Fawkes was from a middle class background so maybe not wealth related.

So why is the figure purple? I think our theory of time has some possibility, as it was so long ago it’s harder to manifest. Maybe the purple is a representation of a different time and the effort it took to show himself. Perhaps if he had died not long ago in theory it should be easier to show himself. Residual energies will be more recent and stronger and in theory still close enough to our timeline making it easier to return.

This is all theoretical but to us it makes more sense. When we looked back over the photo we realised how much detail we actually captured. Actually looking at this photo gives me shivers! We both started to think about that night we were there and what it felt like at the time. It was like we had people in the room with us watching, still to this day we are convinced it was definitely Guy Fawkes himself. After Lockdown our quest for proof will definitely continue!

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