Hauntings, Life After Death and Paranormal activity
Hauntings, Life After Death and Paranormal activity
is the spirit world coming closer

Is The Spirit World Coming Closer?

Is the spirit world coming closer? As we are in lock down with the pandemic at this moment in time are spirits watching over us all? Do we have more time now to see and hear things that we may not have done before? Well my answer would be that we see and hear things that can’t be explained more now than ever. I was lying in my bed trying to go to sleep all I could hear were footsteps on the landing. It was creepy as I was the only one in the house!

I shouted out “who’s there?” the footsteps stopped outside my bedroom door. I sat up in bed thinking was this just my imagination? Or was someone watching over me to check on me at this scary time in the world. I decided to get up have a look round but nothing was there, so I went back to bed and really tried to go to sleep when someone or something blew in my ear.  I jumped up and said “who’s there?” again but nothing, it was very unnerving!  Was it paranormal or my mind?

It felt very real and then the bedroom started to get icy cold. Was there a spirit telling me they were there to look after me in this time of need? I wondered if this was because of lockdown, I notice things more now, I sometimes sit in silence and listen. I’m not sure what I’m expecting to hear but the energy around me seems intense. My theory is that because of all the turmoil in the world our loved ones are coming close to help us.

Is The Spirit World Coming Closer – Final Thoughts

Paranormal activity seems to be at a heightened state. If it wasn’t for lockdown I’m sure ghost hunters would be loving this right now. Even the animals are acting strangely, energy levels are heightened and it feels like we’re being guided by spirit. Yes this might sound crazy but I think we’re getting more tuned in as lockdown progresses. This doesn’t mean we’re clairvoyant or psychic, it means we’re more aware.

As meditation brings clarity and takes you to a higher plain in body and mind, frequencies play their part. Frequencies are all around us and maybe what we’re are experiencing is spirit activity gaining strength. If I was in spirit I know that I would like to help my kids and family through tough times. Maybe this is a sign that the spirit world is coming closer to our level, guiding, helping and comforting us. I suppose the longer this turmoil carries on the more activity we notice. This could be our chance to find our proof of the existence of the afterlife.

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