Hauntings, Life After Death and Paranormal activity
Hauntings, Life After Death and Paranormal activity
our story

Our Story

In our story we are by no means ghost hunters or paranormal investigators of any kind.

However we seem to attract the spirits wherever we go especially Guy Fawkes Inn York.

However we felt we needed to write everything down that happens to us that we just can’t explain.

Everywhere we have stayed there has been weird and strange things happen. This has made us question things.

Whether it is us personally attracting these strange happenings or whether it’s the places we’ve stayed!

One of us is a believer and one of us is a sceptic.

We’ve both experienced things that can only be described as unusual.

When we say unusual it’s because the things that are actually happening to us are certainly not normal.

It’s a bit freaky!

We don’t intentionally go looking for things to happen, they just do. We’ve questioned our own sanity many times.

Even though one of us is a non believer in the afterlife or anything ghostly.

We simply cannot explain why it happens or what is making these things happen.

Science? – Our Story

There is always a science side to everything, frequency differentials can play a part in how we feel too.

Certain frequencies can make us feel like there is someone in the room with us even though there isn’t.

We understand all of the questions and answers that science might throw at the supernatural.

but it seems like there’s something out there.

We will continue to log everything that happens to us whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter.

We will catch something one day. There is no guarantees obviously, however one of us believes we are being shadowed.

Not necessarily by an evil spirit but by a guide or by someone that has passed over to the other side, looking after us.

It just seems a little too far fetched to be saying these things but they have actually happened and continue to happen.

If the truth is out there we shall endeavour to find it!



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